Cosmic Energy (I) - 黃家偉 Kai Wai Wong

黃家偉 Kai Wai Wong

Cosmic Energy (I), 2020

118 x 96 cmInk and color on paper 水墨設色紙本$58,000.00Artist Statement: I maintain that it is important to remain positive when a problem like the pandemic presents itself. The color in my work "Cosmic Energy (1)" was used to strengthen the presentation of positive energy of the universe. The “Sky Eye” is a concept in Buddhism which has the meaning of all seeing and all caring. The “Sky Eye” took a center stage in the painting to lead viewers to feel and receive the flow of positive energy through my work. 在疫情期間,我的思緒也有受到影響,認為在問題或疫情出現時,正能量的心態非常重要,所以今次創作這幅"宇宙能量(1)",運用色彩去加強宇宙及畫面的正能量感覺,而天眼,是有着"觀"的含意,照顧眾生,希望觀眾吸收及感受。