DAWN2020 - 定光琴 Mediha Ting

定光琴 Mediha Ting

DAWN2020, 2020

98 x 176 cmChinese ink on paper$100,000.00Artist statement: DAWN2020 is a new contemporary Chinese ink painting I created during COVID-19 pandemic contrasting beauty with horror. During the beginning stage of the pandemic, most people stayed home and with less air travel, traffic and industrial activities, the air became cleaner. Eerily, the Kong Hong nightscape is even more beautiful under the clear sky, bright lights from the buildings and empty streets. The beauty of the Skyline hides the horror, uncertainty, sickness and death which we know are underneath the beautiful image. It is also during the month of Ramadan, the holiest month for us, Muslims, when this painting was created .The high angel from this painting is hinting there is a higher power looking down on us. This painting is also contrasting the spiritual peacefulness with the earthly pain that we are experiencing during the pandemic.