Cave 洞 - Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas

Cave 洞, 2020

80 x 80 cmOil on Canvas$22,000.00姚志良的繪畫主要圍繞敘事,涉及探討的議題包括身份、環境、信仰等;反映了文明時代帶來的生存矛盾以及文化對於自身的影響。 今次展示兩張在疫情下創作的作品,分別是《傘》和《洞》;透過創作,表達對世界的希望,喚醒主体與自然之間的內在精神和自由。 Yiu Chi Leung's paintings mainly revolve around narrative, and discuss identity, environment, religion, etc. , reflecting the contradictions of existence brought about by the civilization era and the influence of culture on oneself . Two works created during the epidemic are shown this time, namely "Umbrella" and "Cave". Through the course of creation, the works express hope for the world, awakening the inner spirit and freedom between the subject and nature.