朱詞權 Victor Chu

朱詞權 Victor Chu

  • Artist’s Statement

    Running out of Lines

    Running out of Lines 是朱詞權從一貫徹的作品理念,Lines 不但可以解釋為線條,亦可解作句子或對白。大部分藝術家都很用心去傳達一些他們認為有需要去了解的訊息,但他卻認為藝術作品不用由藝術家特地告訴觀眾一種概念或一句訊息,或怎麼去看,觀眾從作品看到什麼對他自身來說才是最重要的,不用受藝術家或別的觀眾影響,作品對藝術家來說是一種抒發及輸出,所以他以最簡單的線條,去帶出一種不說話但各方都可以投入於自身想象的畫像空間。


    Running out of Lines is the fundamental and consistent concept of Victor’s work. He explains that “Lines” can not only be just lines, but can also be interpreted as a sentence or dialogue. Most of the artists practice how to convey messages they think people might need to know, but Victor does not think it is necessary to tell the audience a concept or a message through creating artworks. How the audience himself can think of during observing the work is the most important thought and consciousness he should be believing, without the influence of the artist or other viewers. The works for the artist is a kind of expression, not an education or brainwashing. So, by using the simplest element of art, lines, he is always trying to bring out a stage which everyone can put in and relay on their own imagination without speaking or explaining.

    Drawing the lines individually by hand, Chu wanted to highlight humanism and nature in a sense. Likewise, by pushing the maximum possibility of line in continuation, the works never use any preliminary sketches. Free and highlights the method in which the work is made, Chu thus collaborate with previous unprecedented art creation movements with Gutai and abstract expressionists. The freedom of lines’ flow equally refers to the movement which can be seen by you.

  • Biography

    朱詞權,從多倫多回流香港的手繪圖像及視覺效果藝術家。自 2014 年開始於各地參與及舉辦畫展。他以罕有及精準的手繪風格受到藝術各界的關注及讚賞,其作品著重於用“線”作為主要媒體,執意人手繪製每一條線,像具象及抽象表現主義一樣,直接依從感覺,透過手繪線記錄時間,每畫一條線都代表著他思念一個人的時間。


    Chi Kuen Victor Chu (b. 1989), is a graphic art and illustration artist from Toronto, Canada and now resides in Hong Kong. He has previously exhibited in various countries, Japan, Canada, and Hong Kong amongst other location.

    Chu’s work has been widely praised for its limited palette and handcrafted graphic precision quality, while further pushing the boundaries of 2D graphic elements into a higher level of aesthetic possibilities. He works with reduplicating fundamental elements of design and drawing such as lines and geometries. Drawing the lines individually by hand, Chu wanted to record the time of him thinking of certain person. Since time and memories do not have a significant shape, starting individual works with irregular and unrestrained arrangements of line, and sometimes installing line or geometric related material, which would further maturate into seemingly mathematical compositions, yet exhibit various scientific simplicity of a structured imagery, and could be seen as a kind of psychological graphic or symbol.

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  • 朱詞權 Victor Chu

    PIECES No. 28 Ramps and Tricks II, 2021
    39cm x 49.8cm; 48.2cm x 59cm (framed) Pigment ink on paper, wood, mirror-coating, engraving 粉狀墨水紙本,木塊,鏡面塑料塗層,雕刻 $18,500.00
  • 朱詞權 Victor Chu

    PIECES No. 27 Ramps and Tricks I 粉狀墨水紙本,木塊,雕刻, 2021
    39cm x 49.8cm; 48.2cm x 59cm (framed) Pigment ink on paper, wood, engraving $18,500.00
  • 朱詞權 Victor Chu

    PIECES No.16 Wavelets II, 2020
    3.1” x 3.9” (8cm x 10cm); 12pcs Pigment ink on paper, mirror coated wood, copper, brass Sold
  • 朱詞權 Victor Chu

    PIECES No. 22 Genomic Sequence, 2020
    41.6cm x 49cm (Framed) Pigment Ink on paper, 3D printing, vinyl $16,000.00